Stress & Wellbeing Self-assessment

Interface design and prototyping for Assure Program's online Stress & Wellbeing Self Assessment, directing users to personalised mental health resources based on their responses.

Client: Assure Programs
Date: 2019
Services: Website, UI/UX, Print


Role & Process

At Orange Digital, I was part of the creative team that delivered the Assure Programs’ website, tasked with championing the Stress and Wellbeing Self-assessment component of the site.

Working collaboratively with Brendan Pearce (UI/UX Designer) and Alex Artlett (Front-end Developer), I designed and prototyped a solution that bridged the gap between a stressed and overwhelmed employee and the abundance of online resources available to them on Assure’s new website.

Final outcome

To meet the client’s deadline, a more simple version of the design was implemented in the development phase. The outcome still solved the problem and met the users’ needs — providing fast and easy access to relevant resources on Assure Program’s website and is widely used by visitors to this day.

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