Stress & Wellbeing Self-assessment

Interface design and prototyping for Assure Program's online Stress & Wellbeing Self Assessment, directing users to personalised mental health resources based on their responses.

Client: Assure Programs
Date: 2019
Services: Website, UI/UX, Print


Role & Process

At Orange Digital, I was part of the creative team that delivered the Assure Programs’ website, tasked with championing the Stress and Wellbeing Self-assessment component of the site.

Worked collaboratively Brendan Pearce (UI/UX Designer) and Alex Artlett (Front-end Developer), I designed and prototyped a solution that bridged the gap between a stressed and overwhelmed employee and the abundance of information and resources available to them.

Final outcome

To meet the needs of the client, a more simple version of the design was implemented in the development phase. Although this differed slightly from the original design concept, the outcome still met the requirements of the client and end-user — providing fast and easy access to relevant resources on Assure Program’s website and is widely used by visitors to this day.

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